Easy Low-Waste Bathroom Swaps

If Plastic Free July inspired you to stop using single use plastics, why not continue making these small changes throughout the year? I thought I’d share my imperfect low-waste bathroom journey so far and hope it is helpful for some of you.


I’ve been slowly starting to reduce my plastic waste in the kitchen and bathroom. The reason why I say slowly, is because we just moved to a new home (yay!). My boyfriend and I actually moved to Toronto from Vancouver almost 3 years ago, but we were living in a furnished condo at the time and now we get to start from scratch. My low-waste bathroom journey is still at its infancy stages though because I’ve been collecting my plastic free alternatives for the past few months but haven’t gotten around to using every item yet. I‘m a firm believer in replacing an item only when I’m finished using what I already have because you’re still keeping the product out of the landfill a little longer.

My current low-waste bathroom collection only consists of 3 products:


1. Bamboo Tooth Brush

During my trip to Thailand, I stayed at an eco hostel where they sold eco-friendly products. While I still had a few toothbrushes from the dentist, I bought a bamboo toothbrush on the last day of my trip with the intention that I would use it once my last toothbrush from the dentist was ready to be thrown out.

What drew me to this ReReef bamboo toothbrush was that even the bristles were made out of bamboo which makes it biodegradable. When I’m done with this toothbrush after 3 months, I can just put it in the compost! If you have a bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles, don’t worry. You can just snap off the head or use tweezers to pull them out and compost the rest.


2. Bamboo Rounds and Face Cloths

When I thought about making my bathroom routine low-waste, I thought the hardest thing to change was not using cotton pads and cotton swabs.

I actually LOVE using these instead of regular cotton pads! They don’t leave any residue on my face, and they’re incredibly soft after a couple of washes.

Tip: My solution to cotton swabs was using the edges of these bamboo rounds to clean up any mascara on my eye lids. To clean my ears, I use a metal ear cleaner.

These organic bamboo rounds were purchased from Unwrapped Life.


3. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

I’ll be 100% honest here — I haven’t tried these yet because my shampoo and conditioner hasn’t run out yet but I’m so excited to this week!

I heard these Unwrapped Life bars are great alternatives to shampoo and conditioner bottles. What’s great is that they have different bars for different hair types. No one is the same and I’m glad they acknowledge that through their product offerings!

And there you have it! My current low-waste swaps that I’m slowly incorporating into my bathroom routine.

Next products I’ll be switching to a plastic free alternative are:

  • Dental floss

  • Safety Razor

If you have any product recommendations, let me know in the comments below!

*None of the products mentioned above were sponsored or gifted.